• Country Canada
  • Currency Used Canadian Dollar(61.38rs)
  • Area (km2) 9,984,670 km2

Canada visa requirements for Indian citizens

The requirements for individual visa categories can vary depending on the visa type, and immigration officials will require documents supporting your application.

Indian citizens must satisfy the general requirements for a Canadian visa:-

  • Have a valid passport.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have no criminal record or immigration-related convictions.
  • Provide evidence of an intention to return to India after your trip or stay, unless on a pathway for permanent residence.
  • Have enough money to finance your stay in Canada.


Canada has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for higher studies and career growth in recent times. World-renowned colleges and diverse course options draw an enormous number of students every year to Canadian shores. In 2019 alone, Canada hosted 642, 480 students from across the globe! However, acquiring a Canadian student visa is not easy. Course selection and study visa application require comprehensive planning as per current job market realities.

At MISTA, we use a hassle-free visa process that helps apply and procure a study visa for Canada with ease. We bring diverse government-approved Canadian immigration solutions for students and professionals in Sirsa and also the rest of India.

There is complex paperwork and visa application process involved in applying for a Canadian spouse visa. The success of your visa getting approved depends upon fulfilling the documentation requirements and meeting visa guidelines.

This is precisely where a lot of Indians go wrong. With our team of experienced spouse visa consultants by your side, there will be no chance of error. MISTA Education, Sirsa will help sail through the complex Canadian spouse visa process by simplifying documentation and lending guidance support as well. Get in touch with our team of spouse visa experts to discuss your Canada goals.


Overseas jobs are very lucrative and financially rewarding. Canada is home to ample employment opportunities but the same cannot be explored without an open work permit. For those who don't know, an open work permit allows foreign nationals to work for any Canadian employer over a specific period of time. However, without the right guidance, getting an open work permit is almost impossible.

Being the top immigration firm of Sirsa, Haryana, MISTA provides support on acquiring an open work permit and guides clients during the complete visa process and documentation. Our dedicated Canada work consultants will work with you to make your profile more accessible, attractive, and engaging. We make sure our clients discover the best career opportunities to realize their Canadian dream.

From scenic hills to beaches and adventure parks to exciting nightlife, Canada has so much to offer. Planning a trip to Canada seems exciting but the journey is not easy. Since visitor visa guidelines are complex, even a minute error in paperwork or application can lead to rejection.

MISTA believes traveling to Canada for a vacation, business trip, or family function should be hassle-free. Using our years of experience and expertise in Canadian tourist visas, we can help you in taking the right steps. Our Sirsa based visitor visa consultants are extremely supportive and are keen to assist at all levels.